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Lincoln Club's Final Member Update - 2012 General Election

Opinion: Vote Yes on 'Game-Changer' Prop. 32

Voice of San Diego

By: T.J. Zane
Published: October 15, 2012


As president of the only countywide business political action committee, I’m often asked why The Lincoln Club of San Diego County is such a strong supporter of Proposition 32 — the Stop Special Interest Money Initiative on the November ballot.

In short, Prop. 32 would help block the flow of money that government employee unions, corporations and special interest lobbyists use to control politicians. That means the people we elect would be more accountable to — wait for it — voters.

If you’re not convinced, consider that the California Teachers Association recently used its influence over state lawmakers to shamefully block legislation that would have made it easier for school districts to fire teachers in cases of sexually molesting children in their care.

“It comes down to cash — campaign contributions from special interest groups,” CNN reported in August.

Also worth considering: the chemical industry’s successful attempt to block proposed bans on cancer-causing chemicals in flame retardants used in nursing pillows, car seats and even cribs in part by giving 132 state senators and Assembly members $593,000.

Prop. 32 is a game-changer, which is why powerful union bosses are spending tens of millions of dollars to oppose it.

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Yes on Prop. 32: Labor bosses’ clout hurts voters

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By: T.J. Zane
Published: October 15, 2012

It was once said, “Money in politics is like air in a balloon: Any time you compress it one place it’s going to pop out somewhere else.” Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of truth to this political adage and sayings similar to it are frequently used as reasons not to vote for any reforms.

So when Californians are inundated with government employee union-funded TV and radio ads that claim Proposition 32 isn’t really what it seems because it would exempt corporations and businesses from the very reforms the initiative espouses, voters are inclined to believe the claims. The truth, however, is that Prop. 32 – the Stop Special Interest Money Initiative – does exactly what the official ballot summary provided by the Secretary of State says it does:

“Prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. Applies same use prohibition to payroll deductions, if any, by corporations or government contractors. Prohibits unions and corporations from contributing directly or indirectly to candidates and candidate-controlled committees.”

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