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Impact of Brown’s tax initiative debated in San Diego

UT San Diego
By:  Christophen Cadelago
Published: October 4, 2012

Advocates for and against Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative drew sharp contrasts Thursday on whether a boost in sales tax and added levies on high earners would be a prerequisite or pitfall in getting the state’s fiscal house in order.

In a debate on U-T TV, labor leader Lorena Gonzalez and Paul Robinson of the business-backed Lincoln Club agreed that approval of Proposition 30 would have a dramatic impact on the state but for opposite reasons.

The measure on the Nov. 6 ballot would increase the sales tax a quarter-cent on the dollar for four years and hike income taxes on a sliding scale for seven years on those making more than $250,000 annually. It would raise billions of dollars a year for state programs including education and public safety and thwart nearly $6 billion in cuts to public schools and colleges in the current budget year.

Gonzalez, head of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, said the dreams of the next generation are being threatened: Schools already are underfunded and class sizes are exploding. Meanwhile, colleges and university are becoming less affordable.

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Lincoln Club scoring with developer backing

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By: Craig Gustafson
Published: June 15, 2012

The organization has been around for nearly 30 years, includes many of San Diego’s wealthiest business leaders, rivals local political parties in spending power and has amassed an impressive list of election wins in recent years.

Yet most without a strong political acumen would be hard-pressed to identify what the Lincoln Club of San Diego County is and what it stands for.

The Lincoln Club is a political-action committee with about 350 dues-paying members that advocates for pro-business candidates and free-market principles. It avoids delving into social issues that might be politically divisive and focuses solely on fiscal causes.


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